We are delighted to be taking part in the book tour for Samantha Holt’s latest release Too Much to Lose, an edgy and smexy contemporary romance. Scroll down for the book blurb, an excerpt, my review and also the link to the rafflecopter where a $25 Amazon gift card and  two e-copies of the author’s military romance Not Another Soldier are up for grabs. Tina <3



TITLE – Too Much to Lose
SERIES – Dirty Little Secrets
AUTHOR – Samantha Holt
GENRE – Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION DATE – 5th September
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 75000

Sexy young couple playing in love games in a bedroom.


Have you ever been so desperate you made a decision that would haunt you forever?

Jess has.

She became a porn star.

Jess is on the run from her past. She has no friends, no life. She tries to forget everything that happened to her all those years ago. After changing her image, leaving her home and getting a new job, she’s determined it won’t happen again. If that means never being close to anyone ever again, then so be it.

If only Hunter O’Reilly didn’t make her wish things could be different.

Hunter needs this job. After being screwed over by his partner—make that ex-partner—his investigation business is on the line. Already in debt, he eagerly takes on the job of finding some stolen money at triple his going rate and all leads point in Jess’s direction. He expects problems at that price. But he doesn’t expect to fall for her.

However, no job is ever that simple. When he’s forced to spend more time with her, the lines between business and pleasure are blurred. And once Jess’s life comes under threat, they have to make a decision, can they both overcome Jess’s past?



Too Much To Lose - Teaser 1


“If you’re in trouble, I know some people who can help.”
“I’m not in trouble. Really, I’m not. I mean who would want to kill me? I know bankers aren’t exactly popular—” she lets loose a shaky laugh “—but I’m harmless.”
Harmless? Not sure about that. Jess sends my heart racing, makes my skin clammy. She’s driving me insane. Harmless? No way.
“What do you want me to do?” I ask.
“Shall I stick around?”
“Oh. No, you don’t need to do that.”
“I don’t mind.”
“I’m fine. Seriously. Thank you for today. You must be tired and I bet your side hurts.”
It does, but I’m not going to admit to that. “It’s fine.”
“Look about that kiss….”
“That was my fault.”
“I kissed you.”
“You did.” I can’t resist letting my mouth curve upwards. She kissed me, but I don’t know if that’s a bad or a good thing. While my pride basks in it, the voice inside that keeps pulling at my gut wants to scream at her to run while she still can. I’m no good for her. “But I kissed you back,” I point out. “And I should not have been… er… touching you out there.”
She draws her bottom lip between her teeth. “It’s okay.”
Hell, how do those two tiny words send an arrow of need straight to my cock? It’s okay that I was kissing her? Or touching her up? It’s okay that I want her so badly I nearly bent her over my bike to fuck her?
Before I can dwell on it anymore and make an even bigger fool of myself, I get to my feet. “Will you let me stay?”
“I don’t think so. It’s too risky.”
A hard knot forms in my throat. I’m more dangerous to her than a crazed gunman it seems. She might be right. If—when—I find that money, her whole life is going to come crashing down.
“Don’t answer the door to anyone. Be careful. Call me if you need me. In fact, call me tomorrow.” She follows me to the door. “Please?” I add as uncertainty dashes across her face.
Jess opens the door and I step out. “I’ll call you,” she says when I turn to face her.
She rolls her eyes and her mouth curves. “I promise.”
Those lush lips snare my attention and my own smile drops. My skin feels hot and itchy, my pulse urgent. This is insane. I rest an arm against the door frame, my feet still firmly planted on the other side of the threshold and bring my mouth slowly down on hers. She softens but doesn’t touch me. We’re divided by the invisible line between the corridor and her room. I can’t help thinking of it as symbolic. We’re divided by secrets and lies.
Not that any of that matters once our lips connect. I swear I’ve never wanted to kiss a woman so much. Kisses are about the end game. But not with Jess. I want to drown in her kisses, to kiss her all day and see if I ever tire of them. I suspect it’s unlikely.

Happy young couple in love


A panty melting, emotional and suspenseful read!

*  *  *  *  *

Samantha Holt has excelled herself with yet another super contemporary read, complementing her military romance Not Another Soldier, Her Dream Cowboy, a short erotic read (part of the Buckle Down Anthology) and her collection of sensual historical romances.

Too much to Lose is edgy and oftentimes dark, featuring a Private Investigator who is in desperate need of money and an ex porn star who is equally desperate to forget her past. I just LOVED the premise of this inventive story and smexy plot from the outset!

Jess is a woman with a tragic past, events having compelled her to enter the porn industry, albeit for a short time. She deeply regrets this decision, trying to escape its consequences and make a respectable life for herself, avoiding men and the heartbreak that they can bring once they discover her secrets. When Hunter all but bursts onto the scene she is determined not to become involved, but circumstances  draw them together and their lives become entangled. Will he be her saviour or is he a threat to more than her heart?

Hunter is under instructions from his client to find out what Jess has done with a significant amount of money she stole. To do so he must get close to her, this woman whose past is an enigma to him. He finds it difficult to believe that she is a criminal but he needs the money the contract can bring. Can he turn her in, given his growing feelings for her and the danger she increasingly appears to be in?

I loved that the hero and heroine have a strong and immediate mutual attraction and that despite their reservations cannot help falling for each other. They are extremely well matched and I became more engrossed in their romance the more I read. I wanted to see what would happen when Jess realised Hunter’s deceit. There was also the burning question of how Hunter would react when he found out about Jess’s time spent in the porn industry.

Hunter is a totally swoon worthy hero and I fell for him very quickly! It helped that he is a Harley riding drop dead gorgeous Private Investigator, with a strong sense of honour, not afraid to get his hands dirty when protecting the woman he is growing to love. Oh and did I mention he is also Irish ? – for me a definite plus! There is a good cast of supporting characters and plenty of nail biting scenes.  Emotions between the couple run high as the plot and the truth unravels and the increasing danger and suspense build to a super climax.

I adored this read and strongly recommend it to readers who love a fast paced, suspenseful read but which also has plenty of action in the love and passion stakes.

A copy of this novel was given to me for the purpose of a fair and honest review. 


Samantha lives in a small village in England with her gorgeous twin girls and husband who is a trained bodyguard and ex-soldier. She traditionally writes historical romances involving chivalrous knights and hot highlanders, but occasionally dabbles in contemporary romance.





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COVER REVEAL ~ **BEND, DON’T BREAK** by Skye Callahan (includes excerpt)

After reading Skye Callahan’s Irrevocable, one of this year’s top dark erotic romances, I’ve been SO looking forward to finding out more about Kirk and Silver’s story. We are therefore delighted to be playing a part in the cover reveal for Bend, Don’t Break, its sequel! Tina :)

Benddontbreak front cover

Title: Bend Don’t Break


Author: Skye Callahan

Genre: Dark Erotic Romance

Release Date: November 18, 2014

Presale: Amazon US|UK|CA|AU

Check with your local Amazon, preorders are available internationally.

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I thought I was done.

my End

I couldn’t take my eyes off her as the bullet tore through me, leaving me with nothing but the hope that I had done enough to save her. The darkness tried to engulf me—to brand me as its own and drag me to my fate.

my Darkness

Waking to see her tear-stained face above me was enough to make my heart stutter. I was alive and free from that place—but not from the toll it had taken on my mind and body. My story should have ended, but one woman kept standing in the way of that.

my Strength

The only way I could have her was to find a way to put the darkness to rest.

Warning: This isn’t your rainbows and love sonnets kind of romance. This story explores topics of abduction and slavery, and contains explicit scenes of dubious consent, graphic violence and sex.

About The Author

Skye Callahan is an Ohio-girl who has spent a lifetime chained to the imaginary worlds of the characters who live in her head. Although it was her interest in paranormal that originally inspired her to pick up the pen, she has recently followed her interest in BDSM and dark romance to venture into other realms of fiction. She currently lives with her husband and two ferrets, who keep her plenty busy when she’s not writing.

Mailing List for releases and updates: http://eepurl.com/UW1ET

Blog | Facebook | Google+ | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads | Amazon

Join Skye’s Reading Hangout for more interaction with Skye and other readers, as well as exclusive events and news.


“How many women did you have sex with while you were there?”

It was the third time Dr. Combs had asked me that question. And for the third time I wanted to avoid it.

I had just gotten out of that hell, and I still had the bullet hole in my chest to prove it, but it didn’t stop my boss on pushing the psychiatric evaluation.

Dr. Combs cleared her throat, and my jaw clenched.

I didn’t even want to admit the number to myself even though I could se every one of the girls in my head.

Kat, the red-headed braggart who thought she owned every man who walked into the retreat.

Gabby, the indignant curly haired brunette.

Raini a gorgeous but frail girl who was transferred in right after I went undercover. I had feared that one more night in Ross’ bed would kill her before her first week was up.

Alley, a blond sweetheart who belonged to Miles, my unconventional friend.

Silver, the girl who simultaneously ruined and saved me.

She was the only reason I was alive, and the only reason I had what was left of my soul—except she wasn’t real. Like my undercover alias, Kirk, she was forged from necessity and determination.

And somewhere out there Rose was learning to live her own life again.

At least that’s what I hoped. The day after I was shot in the raid on the “sex retreat”, my superiors had me transferred to another hospital and put under protective custody until they were sure I was safe.

I was fairly positive they were more concerned that any real threat to my life would come from me, since there were very few people who knew of my undercover involvement in the operation.

The only company I was allowed was Dr. Combs, my new shrink. I didn’t want a shrink. I wanted the woman who saved me—the only person who stood a chance of bringing me any kind of peace.

The woman I could never have.

Benddontbreak full cover

First in the series: Irrevocable


Sometimes when you can’t go back, the only way out is to descend into the darkness.
my Captor
When I woke in that place, I just wanted to survive. But survival came at a cost, for which they demanded my will and body.
my Master
With pain came acceptance. Fully-dependent on the man who claimed me, I learned to appreciate what I had-life and relative safety.
my Protector
I watched him spill blood and tend my injuries. With betrayal came a revelation.
The only way out was to bring them all down or die trying.

Amazon US | UK | CA | AU

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Guarded (True Alpha #2) (short story) by Alisa Woods **REVIEW**

Guarded (True Alpha 2)New Adult Paranormal Romance serial

THIS IS THE SECOND EPISODE OF SIX in the True Alpha serial.

Blurb: Shifters live in the shadows of Seattle, just under the skin of the alpha male, dot-com entrepreneurs who are building a new Silicon Valley in the Emerald City.

As Lucas fights his instinctual attraction to Mia, focusing instead on guarding her and keeping her safe from the Red pack, Mia tries to discover the truth about Lucas’s dead mate.

Guarded (True Alpha 2) is 70 pages or 17,000 words. It’s the second of six episodes in the True Alpha serial. 


Whereas book one was a very intense and hot read, Guarded (True Alpha #2) focuses on the emotional tension between Mia and Lucas. After a passionate night with Lucas, Mia’s inner wolf knows that he is right for her and that she belongs with him but Lucas is still in a great deal of heartache and pain from the death of his mate. The reader remains gripped to these characters and will question whether Mia will ever be able to help him come to terms with his deceased mate and allow her to belong with him.

Lucas battles his feelings for Mia, knowing that he can’t go there again. He can never be as close to anyone as he was with his mate. And, as much as he will protect and guard Mia from the Red Pack, he will not take her again or even come close. Guarded actually breaks down these two great characters where the reader will see Lucas’ more darker, serious side, his sorrow and pain, as well as his desire to keep Mia from this.

As a result he puts his defences up and distances himself. This makes him a little cold and impersonal with her at times, although it is also clear that he doesn’t want her to think bad of him. This in turn makes it more difficult for Mia to be with him and know how to respond. Book 2 certainly holds more emotional tension as opposed to sexual tension.

The reader can certainly empathise with both characters, making it unpredictable on the outcome of these two. There are twists and turns, a strong attraction, and danger from the Red Pack, as they will do anything to keep business going their way. (The Red Pack own a rival company to that of Lucas’, and threatening Mia may seem like a good idea to them – especially as they sense the connection between Mia and Lucas and his need to protect her.)

Mia’s character is strong as she feels that if she can help Lucas to open up and face what happened then she is in with a chance. She has much to understand about packs, mates as she has never been raised by one. At times this can make her seem a little naïve to Lucas. This makes the reader just long for Lucas to take Mia under his wing and teach her all he knows, guard her, protect her and love her! But will it all be too much for Lucas to bear?

Lucas’ dad has a strong impact on Mia as he is accepting, gentle and protective – all the things that a father should be that she has missed out on not having her own around. This scene was relatively small and yet had such a deep meaning, especially for Mia. I would like to read a little more about these two in the subsequent books.

The reader doesn’t miss a thing as Guarded (True Alpha #2) picks up where we left off in Desired (True Alpha #1). There are reminders of what happened previously, allowing the reader to easily remember and continue the story without having to keep checking back to the last episode. I cannot wait for the third instalment, Hunted. This series is a strong one for many a paranormal fan to follow. You will not be disappointed with the power and depth that these short stories provide!

Guarded (True Alpha #2) was provided by the author in return for an honest and fair review.

Guarded (True Alpha #2) is available at Amazon UK and Amazon US.

You can also check out our review of Desired (True Alpha #1) (short story) by Alisa Woods here.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

That Risen Snow: A Scary Tale of Snow White and Zombies by Rob Boley **SPOTLIGHT**

That Risen Snow: A Scary Tale of Snow White & Zombies (Scary Tales, #1)We simply cannot wait to read That Risen Snow: A Scary Tale of Snow White and Zombies! This horror has a twist on the Snow White fairytale and is to be read as a sequel to the original, tying in nicely for a Halloween review!! This is, author, Rob Boley’s debut novel, published earlier in 2014 by StoneGate Ink.

BLURB: The zombie sequel to Snow White begins where the classic fairy tale ends, with the Prince’s kiss waking Snow from her cursed slumber. Snow wakes up, but she doesn’t wake up right.

Now a deranged zombie, Snow infects both the Prince and the seven dwarfs’ leader. That leaves the young dwarf Grouchy, who is secretly in love with Snow, to find a cure for her malicious curse. So begins an epic journey that pits the lovesick Grouchy against dwarf-hating human soldiers, Snow’s ever-growing zombie horde, and his own bad temper. But when Grouchy and his motley crew of survivors escape Snow’s clutches and seek refuge in a nearby human village, he soon finds that her affliction has spread faster and further then he ever could have imagined. Snow is hell-bent on spreading her horrid curse across the land, and it’s up to Grouchy to stop her before it’s too late.

So begins THE SCARY TALES, a dark fantasy series featuring mash-ups of traditional fairy tale characters and classic horror monsters.

THAT RISEN SNOW trailer (please click to visit the YouTube trailer)

Author Bio:
Rob E. Boley is author of THAT RISEN SNOW: A SCARY TALE OF SNOW WHITE & ZOMBIES, the first in THE SCARY TALES series of dark fantasy novels published by StoneGate Ink. He grew up in Enon, Ohio, a little town with a big Indian mound. He later earned a B.A. and M.A. in English from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. His fiction has appeared in several markets, including A cappella Zoo, Pseudopod, Necrotic Tissue, and Best New Werewolf Tales, and his stories have won Best in Show in the Sinclair Community College Creative Writing Contest (2013) and the Dayton Daily News/Antioch Writers’ Workshop Short Story Contest (2012). He lives with his daughter in Dayton, Ohio, where he works for his alma mater. You can get to know him better online at http://www.robboley.com.

Advance Praise:
“Part delicious dream, part nightmare, That Risen Snow is an aberrant fairytale that is just as much a horror story. Boley has a knack for dark comedy and witty prose, and he blends it with a nearly-hardboiled voice uncharacteristic of (and therefore pleasantly unique in) dark fantasy fiction. It’s a story you’ll want to tear ass through but will equally want to slow down for, so you can savor the prose.”
—Brady Allen, author of Back Roads & Frontal Lobes

“In 1912, the Brothers Grimm published an old German fairy tale they titled Snow White. Little did they know that a guy named Rob Boley would come along a hundred years later to reveal the ‘true’ and adult story of Ms. White, or ‘Snow’ as she was known in real life… No one could have possibly foreseen what would become of Snow in the hands of a diabolical, maniacal imagination like Boley’s… Such a nice boy… with such a fevered mind. Read this with the lights on and a baseball bat or shotgun handy… you’re gonna be glad you did. This is a Snow White you ain’t gonna find in the middle school library… Get it, read it, and try to keep the screaming down.”
—Les Edgerton, author of Hooked, Just Like That, and The Bitch

“That Risen Snow and That Wicked Apple make a deliciously diabolical tale—part Walking Dead, part turned-on-its-ear fairy tale. Rob Boley strikes the perfect balance of depth, drama, and dark humor to keep readers devouring the pages and leave them hungering for more.”
—Linda Gerber, author of the Death by Bikini Mysteries


We are SUPER excited to be taking part in this pre-order blitz for Kim Grosso’s erotic paranormal romance Dimitri #6 in the Immortals of New Orleans series to be released on  30th September. It looks full of darkness, danger, passion and suspense! Scroll down to read the book blurb and find out more about the series and the author. You can also enter the Rafflecopter where a $25 gift card is up for grabs. Tina :)


by Kym Grosso
Immortals of New Orleans #6
Publication Date: September 30, 2014
Genres: Erotica, Paranormal, Romance


Purchase from AmazonPurchase from B&NPurchase from KoboPurchase from iBookstore

An erotic paranormal romance…

Dimitri LeBlanc, sexy and charismatic beta of Acadian Wolves, survives a brutal attack after his wolf succumbs to a dark force, threatening his very existence. Waking up, tied to a bed, his amusement transforms into lust as a beautiful stranger heals his beast. Intrigued by his mysterious savior, the tables quickly turn, when in the heat of a dark desert night, he rescues her from a barbaric Alpha. Dimitri is inexplicably drawn to the alluring woman, and the discovery that she’s his mate rouses his hunger to claim her as his own.

Gillian Michel, a New York City photographer, conceals a secret hybrid past and mystical abilities. An entire lifetime, she’s deliberately avoided wolves, but a seductive encounter with an irresistible beta leaves her craving his touch, his lips on hers. Passion ignites her desire, leaving her yearning to submit to the powerful wolf who tests her sexual limits.

Deep in the heart of New Orleans, Dimitri and Gillian seek a cure to the parasite maligning his mighty beast. Still on the run from a malevolent force, they lure their enemy into the bayou. Will Gillian sacrifice her gifts to save the man she loves, destroying her own immortality? And will Dimitri eradicate the evil that has invaded his soul while protecting his mate from an adversary who threatens to kill them both?

Warning: This book contains several erotic love scenes and is intended for adult readers only.

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About Kym Grosso


Kym Grosso is the award-winning author of the bestselling erotic paranormal romance series, The Immortals of New Orleans. The series currently includes Kade’s Dark Embrace (Immortals of New Orleans, Book 1), Luca’s Magic Embrace (Immortals of New Orleans, Book 2), Tristan’s Lyceum Wolves (Immortals of New Orleans, Book 3), Logan’s Acadian Wolves (Immortals of New Orleans, Book 4), Léopold’s Wicked Embrace (Immortals of New Orleans, Book 5) and Dimitri (Immortals of New Orleans, Book 6).

In addition to romance, Kym has written and published several articles about autism, and is passionate about autism advocacy. She writes autism articles on PsychologyToday.com and AutismInRealLife.com. She also is a contributing essay author in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum.

Kym lives with her husband, two children, dog and cat. Her hobbies include autism advocacy, reading, tennis, zumba, traveling and spending time with her husband and children. New Orleans, with its rich culture, history and unique cuisine, is one of her favorite places to visit. Also, she loves traveling just about anywhere that has a beach or snow-covered mountains. On any given night, when not writing her own books, Kym can be found reading her Kindle, which is filled with hundreds of romances.

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To Hear the Rest More Clearly by Anne V. Pyterek **SPOTLIGHT**

Caroline Barker:

Check out our Anne V. Pyterek SPOTLIGHT update of To Hear the Rest More Clearly. With a fantastic additional author post, I’m sure many of our readers will find this intriguing! It’s always lovely to hear from the author themselves as they open up to what really brings them to write the way they do! Enjoy! – Caroline & Tina

Originally posted on areadersreviewblog:

To Hear the Rest More Clearly banner

Genre: Literary Fiction, Magical Realism

To Hear the Rest More Clearly CoverSynopsis: Calliope Braintree has a lot working against her, but the forces of Nature and Love conspire to make her an instrument in the liberation of her fellow humans and the Wildness they have suppressed and perverted.

Aided by the Muse of Epic Poetry, an urban coyote, and the Chicago River, Calliope saves herself from the ravages of abuse, self-loathing and sexual humiliation. It’s not easy for her to remember the plan she and Muse had made for this life, but memories do come, in confusing fits and starts. A homeless orphan, sure of nothing but her urge to write, she ignores the mind-numbing conventions of civilized society, preferring to listen to her Muse. She follows Coyote, who leads her away from the degrading and harsh brutality of her life, into a haven of safety. Calliope goes to live in a hidden pocket of Wildness…

View original 910 more words

**BLOG TOUR** ~ A Prequel (Dark Indiscretions 0.5), by Shakuita Johnson ~includes giveaway

“A friendship forged out of necessity

A bond broken and turned into hatred

One once looked at as a brother

The other loved to much and too soon”


A Prequel

Dark Indiscretions #0.5

Shakuita Johnson

James Johnston and Kain O’Grady once had a bond like no other ever seen before. Not only were they brothers of the heart, they were also lovers.

Centuries they spent at each other’s side. Through good times and through bad, but never did their relationship suffer until one pregnancy and one prophecy changes their lives forever.

Betrayal is seen at every corner and madness close behind.

Purchase Links

Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N | Amazon CA



James looked up from the dirt piles he was playing with at the sound of someone shuffling up the valley. The midday sun was hot, blinding him with its light. Through the sunbeams, a small boy ambled to where James knelt in the dirt. He had never seen this boy before and James was wary. Mystics were the top of the food chain, and his father would kill him if he let someone get the better of him. It didn’t matter that he was only six or that the boy appeared smaller than him. It wouldn’t do to be taken by surprise by this stranger. He stood, baring his tiny fangs.

“Who are you? Why have you come here?” James growled, voice tinny but fierce. Even at six, he was a trained killer.

“My name is Kain. Our parents were talking down towards camp. They said you were here playing. I asked if I could come join you, so here I am.” Kain’s tiny hands curled to his side and his head cocked.

“Are you new here?” James asked, fangs still visible. He wasn’t ready to retract them just yet.

“Yes, we walked about two weeks time to get to this part of the hillside,” Kain said. “Would it be alright if I played with you?”

James eyed the strange boy suspiciously.

“Are you a Mystic, too?”

Kain smiled, his top lip pulling back to reveal his own set of small, pearly fangs.

“You don’t have a sister?” James asked.

“No. It’s just me.”

“Me too! Want to be bestest friends?” James withdrew his fangs at this unprecedented prospect.

“Yes!” Kain shouted while bouncing up and down, hands waving wildly.

“Good. We will be friends forever and ever.” James said with confidence.

To secure their blood bond forever, the two boys each nicked the tips of their forefingers with their fangs until blood bubbled at the slight wounds. When their bloody fingertips touched, an instant, unbreakable bond was sealed. They would be best friends forever, even as long as they both still lived and even passing into death. A bond between two Mystics could very well last forever. If nothing came between them, then James and Kain could be blood bound for an eternity.


About the Author

Shakuita Johnson is a 29-year-old Psychology major. When she isn’t going to school or working, she is doing what she loves most. Writing. She started writing in middle school. Starting with poetry. Then short stories in a creative writing course her senior year. Her love for paranormal and supernatural started with R.L. Stine Goosebumps books and TV shows, Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles, and Christopher Pike books. She is an avid reader with over 100 books on her bookshelf and 1000 plus on her iPad.

Visit her online and read her poems and one attempt at songwriting on her blog at http://www.dark-indiscretions.com. You can also find her at www.facebook.com/shakuitajohnson. Check out her website at www.authorshakuitajohnson.com.

Contact Links

Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | Website | Email: authorshakuitajohnson@gmail.com


Click on the link to enter  – five e-copies of A Prequel (Dark Indiscretions 0.5) are up for grabs!

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