From out of the Shadows, by Linda Mooney

This is a great novel to read if you like to read werewolf romances. This is a little on the erotic side, so for those aged 18+. However, it is a very romantic and sweet romance too. The author Linda Mooney has, to my mind, created a very unique and believable take on the werewolf myths. I reviewed this a while ago on our Sizzle and Burn Book Reviews site, but thought that you may enjoy it! Tina 🙂


OutoftheShadows_LgWeb[1]-001The Sensitive and the Lycan

This novel rocks! It is far more than your usual werewolf romance. It is a dark and erotic fairytale which deals with issues surrounding discrimination and acceptance, which affect all societies. It is the first book that I have read by Linda Mooney and I will be delving into her backlist and future releases of paranormal, fantasy and sci-fi romances very soon.

In From out of the Shadows, which is set in a world akin to medieval times, the heroine, Tora is captured and thrown into a dungeon by Baron Agrino’s henchmen. A group of men bring another prisoner into the cell, subjecting him to an extremely savage beating. In the darkness of the dungeon Tora, goes to his aid, using her special powers as a Sensitive (Empath) to discover the extent of his injuries. She is astounded to discover that the body she…

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3 thoughts on “From out of the Shadows, by Linda Mooney

  1. I’ve not read this one – must give a shot sometime in the future. The premise sounds intriguing…

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