Werewolves in Paranormal Romance

shutterstock Werewolf1_89654491-001The paranormal romance genre has generally been more sympathetic in its treatment of werewolves, often portraying them as the hero, rather than an evil entity, for example  Jacob in Twilight. Twilight was not the first paranormal romance book to portray werewolves in a positive light however, Kresley Cole doing an excellent job in her Immortals After Dark series as does Nalini Singh in her Psy-Changeling Series. There are no doubt many more examples, but these are the ones that are most familiar to me!

The positive traits which paranormal romance authors sometimes emphasize include: heightened sensitivity; superhuman speed and strength; synergy with nature/environmentalism; loyalty to the pack and their mate; longevity and of course heightened sexual desire, which leaves the reader panting for more!

Werewolves are often portrayed as extremely attractive in their human form, with mesmerising eyes and having an innate ability to sense their true mate. Mating rituals often play a key role in werewolf paranormal romance, as does the ‘turning’ of the future mate into a werewolf. Of course authors do not shy away from referencing the more bestial side of the werewolf, the duality of the werewolf nature often playing a key role in the plot and providing a rich font to draw on when developing werewolf villains.

Authors typically have their own take on werewolf culture within their novels, including some or all of the above elements and many from their own imagination and this makes the genre so interesting to read.

Let us know which of the traits identified here are your favourite, or if there are any traits we have not included.

Many thanks!

Tina and Caroline 🙂

Post image: Minerva Studio/Shutterstock.com

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