Flick by Keira Des Anges (review and author bio)

Flick.PDF.6.7.13_pic0001Flick is a beautifully written contemporary, coming-of-age paranormal work of fiction by Keira Des Anges. Following Leanna Matthews, a telekinetic whose ability it is to astral travel, Flick is full of great friendships and romance, and yet it subtley builds up to the horror and action that is to befall upon young Leanna.

Keira Des Anges immediately introduces the reader to Leanna, where we learn of her family life, her friendships and what she likes to do. Leanna is a good student, with some strong friendships in Melanie and Drew. She has a brother, Lionel, who she bonds with quite well at times – even if she isn’t comfortable to admit this straight away. And her Aunty Karen provides her with everything she could have hoped for had she had a sister. She could talk to Aunty Karen about everything, including her abilities even when she didn’t want to confide in others. Yes, Aunty Karen was her ‘soul mate’ in every way possible. But, Leanna’s life turned upside down when Karen was involved in a car accident and left in a coma.

Strangely enough, it was just before and around this point that Leanna had been having strange dreams of shadows and unsure if they were real or not. And then one day was the appearance of Simora, a spirit lady that began to warn Leanna of some kind of evil heading her way. What was this evil, and what did it want with Leanna?

Flick is set over the summer holidays and, whilst her parents are working/minding Aunty Karen, Leanna is at home with her brother. Her best friend Melanie is staying in the UK, whilst her friend Drew begins a job. After walking home, through her neighbourhood, Leanna meets up with gorgeous Piper, who longs to spend more time with her. Although her parents are a little against Leanna becoming involved with someone so early on, she is happy to spend her days with him, getting to know him in the park, especially as he is so nice and she is completely drawn to him.

However, Leanna keeps Piper a secret from all of her family and friends. She tells the odd white lie here and there to be with him. She completely forgets Simora’s warning of evil that is possibly waiting around the corner. Not only this but during a visit to her friend Drew’s house, Leanna uncovers the truth into why Drew and his gran have had very little visitors recently. Leanna wants to help their situation and yet Drew makes her promise not to tell. The last thing he wants is to be separated from his gran and made to live with his long aparted abusive father. This adds to the list of lies and secrets that she cannot open up to her parents, i.e. her powers, Piper and now Drew’s life with his gran.

Leanna is a very mature, sweet, family girl who would not wish to upset her parents or their faith in her. However, as she has to deal with situations that could affect the lives of those around her she chooses the option to lie with the thought of protecting them, especially in Drew’s case. However, Keira Des Anges makes some great examples of the consequences of lying and how that could result in far worse ways than if the character was to be open and honest.

I believe one of the story’s underlying messages is to encourage the reader, especially those in their adolescence, to tell the truth. Honesty would be the best policy – in Drew’s situation in particular. Wanting to live with gran for fear of having to go back to his dad, so when his gran had problems after his mum died he didn’t tell anyone.

As the story opens up, more and more is revealed and the reader is made aware of a different side to Piper. Is he keeping his own secrets from Leanna, and lying to her? Is Piper the one to bring the evil to her door? The reader certainly questions Piper’s motives and how trustworthy he is. I must admit this is something I love about Piper. On the surface he appears so loving and caring, gorgeous and magnetic, and yet there is a dark air about him that you just have to find out about.

My favourite support character is Drew. He is brilliant, so sweet and mature, a great listener and he has a genuine care for Leanna. I found myself urging Leanna to open up and at least be honest to him about Piper and her abilities. Leanna’s brother, Lionel, was sweet too and caring towards Leanna, which was nice to read as so many siblings tend to rival each other. As the reader doubts Piper’s true motives for approaching Leanna, it is Lionel that looks out for him as he tries to harass her at home.

Flick is a nice quick read with some really fun and interesting characters, with a paranormal twist and a fantastic subtle build-up to the horror and the action that is to come. The horror is built up slowly, giving time for the younger reader to process all that is going on. And Keira Des Anges has written the horror subtley so as not to completely freak kids out, but at the same time makes it clear to the reader exactly what is happening. The author has manipulated her words perfectly to create a great picture in the reader’s imagination. Flick is definitely a book I would encourage my 9 year old to read in a few years time. It was an absolute pleasure to read, a breath of fresh air, despite the dark aura coming to the fore now and again.

A Reader’s Review Blog would like to thank the author, Keira Des Anges, for providing a copy of Flick for the purpose of an honest and fair review. Please scroll down for details of the Virtual Book Tour for Flick and also for an author bio and contact details.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker


Author bio for Keira Des Anges:-

Keira des Anges PicBy day, Keira des Anges has the distinct pleasure of assisting teenagers with disabilities find employment while helping empower one life at a time. By night, she is a writer and avid reader of anything spooky, magical and totally out of this world.  Keira is always a mother and a wife. Her children are her biggest inspirations and her husband is the rock that holds everything together while she continues writing and pursuing her dreams.

Twitter:  Keira des Anges@KeiradesAnges

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I am a happily engaged mother of three and I absolutely love to read and write. Therefore, I am setting up a book blog in the hope to influence some readers out there!

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