Eden by Louise Wise

I am a very happy Space Bunny!!! One of my first reviews on this blog was for a book called Eden by Louise Wise, a sensual re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. It can be read as a stand alone story, but the author has now released a follow up novel, Hunted, continuing the adventures of the human Jenny and her alien lover Fly, Louise Wise has a blog dedicated to Eden and Hunted and if you are at al interested in Sci-Fi Romances, re-telling of classic fairy tales or just a beautiful romance you are well advised to check out my review of Eden here and/or the author’s link, where you can find out more, including an excerpt. Enjoy!


Link to Louise Wise’s blog



Engaging Sci-Fi Romance

Eden is a beautiful story. At its heart it is a science fiction romance, a retelling of beauty and the beast. However, it has a lot of depth, exploring the themes of survival and discovery, overcoming prejudice and redemption. It is also full of action and adventure. It defies being put into a specific genre or even sub genre and in my opinion it is books like Eden, which should be winning major literary awards.

In Eden, Jenny is a pilot on a space shuttle team sent from Earth to survey the planet Eden, the others being Commander Brodie and Matt, the Mission Specialist. Just as they are about to descend to the surface, the shuttle is damaged by asteroids. Nevertheless the crew descend onto the planet in their buggies. Once there, after a brief foray into the immediate environment to assess its flora and fauna…

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