*Promo Post* Lion by B.B. Sorores

Lion BB SororesAuthor: B.B. Sorores

Title: Lion

Genre: New Adult Paranormal/Shapeshifter

Release Date: October 2014

Publishers: Secret Cravings Publishers

Length: 78,363 words

Blurb: The City is everything Adam Reid could possibly have hoped for – power and potential. And his scholarship to the prestigious Harton University is his ticket to it all. A chance for a fresh start. A chance to hide from his dark past.
But the City has secrets and its doors only open if you know the right people. People like Jack, Adam’s new louder-than-life room mate, and Lia, who yearns for a soul uncorrupted by the City.
Then Castalia Vallas stalks her way into Adam’s life. Intoxicated by the seductive professor, Adam learns to confront and control the desire he dares not speak of.
But who is the hunter and who is the prey?

Excerpt One

Stop!” he cried. And the night fell silent. He blinked. The eyes were gone. The zoo quiet. The enclosure black.

He turned and hurried up the path. Weird. What the hell kind of zoo was this? He paused on the pathway and looked back again, one more time. He saw a figure, crouched in front of the enclosure. He stopped. Great, had they been there the whole time, watching him freak out? Shit, he’d better say something, try and make out like he wasn’t being a dick.

Hey, um. Hi!” he called.

The figure didn’t move. He could hardly see in the dark now, like the park lights had grown even dimmer. He could tell it was a woman, definitely a woman. Going by her profile, what a woman.

Hello?” he called again, taking a step back down the path.

She stood, running her hand down the pane of glass. The light cast a dim glow over her body. She wore a gold dress, low cut. Adam could just see the rise of her breasts, the curve of her hip, the line of her long legs. He took another step, wanting to see more, but then stopped. There was something about her, something strange, something that made him feel like he shouldn’t get close. But something also drew him in, like walking into some unknown, unnamable danger, but finding it irresistible all the same.

Can—are—hello?” God, he couldn’t even form words. What the hell was he doing?

Stop,” said the woman. She held up her hand to him. Adam stopped, frozen to the spot.

Go back, Adam,” she said.

Do…do I know you?” he asked, straining his eyes to try and see her better. How the hell did she know his name? Had she been at the barbecue? Did she know Lia?

Just turn around and go back.”

But…” But what? But I want to see you, properly, because you look incredible from here and I bet you look even better up close. God, what a loser.

No way. If this woman knew his name, didn’t he have a right at least to know hers? To see her? He walked forward.

I said stop, Adam.”

But he kept walking, a strange drive compelling him forward. He wanted to drink in that body, find out who on earth this woman was.

Then the rumbling started, pulsing up from the ground, it growled through his legs, stopping him mid-stride. His legs turned to jelly. His knees buckled under him. The noise rippled through his whole body, stunning him. He closed his eyes and held his head. Stop, please stop. He hunkered down, curled up in a ball, wishing it away. Then, as quickly as it started, the growl stopped. He opened his eyes. Everything still and black. He was alone.

Excerpt Two

Sweat trickled down him now. Hot, so hot. It seemed, with every breath he took, the heat intensified. He thought back to that day in the woods, his last day hunting. The animal heat of it, building up around him.

He was back there now, but this time with her. He lay on the patch of long soft grass looking up at a dark moon lit sky. The trees dipped their branches low, nearly brushing the ground. The sound of cicadas buzzed thick in the air. The babbling pool nearby. He heard a rustle in front of him. He propped himself up on his elbows and watched as she crawled toward him along the soft grass floor, her smile curling, teasing him. He leaned back as she got close and closed his eyes. He felt her move around him, then close in, her breath hot against him.

She let out a mock growl as she took his shirt buttons in her mouth and ripped them off, spitting each one to the ground. He opened his eyes. She stood above him now, looking down, her hair cascading around her face. She smiled, then stepped back, faint glints from the starlight catching the gold of her dress. Then she undressed, slowly, languidly and just stood there. He tried to move, to get closer, to see her, but he couldn’t. She shimmered, backing away. He could only just make out patches of her golden skin. A slice of her long thigh, a tantalizing hint of what lay between her legs.

She came close again. Her eyes were pools of black, watching him, wanting him, drinking him in. She leaned down and he saw her lips, red and glossy, asking for him, pleading for him. She lay down beside him and the heat of the woods pulsated all around them, matching their heartbeats, their sweat mingling, their mouths tasting each other’s salt. He kissed her face, her neck, the rise of her breasts.

This was too much to hold in. He wanted her, to gorge on her, to feed on every wondrous piece of her. The surge built up inside him, growing, like a living snarling thing. A thing that swelled and grew until he couldn’t hold it any more. He wanted to bite into her flesh, devour every last bit of her. With a force he didn’t know he possessed he lunged forward, an ancient, guttural scream escaping from his lips. His arms wrapped around warm flesh and then—nothing.

BB Sorores LionAuthor bio

I live in a little house near the sea with a temperamental black cat and my shaggy loveliness of a husband. I love all things glam, especially pin-up girl dresses and great shoes. Sparkly shiny things bring me great joy and delight. I relish munching into a fat juicy steak or a succulent roast chicken. I love Christmas, especially putting up the tree laden with twinkly things and sitting beside it after dark when it’s all lit up. I like lots of art on walls and ornaments and plush rugs and big soft pillows. I like the sky when it brings bright bold colours and sunny days so I can go for long walks and breathe in the fresh air. When I write, I like to have a favourite cocktail close to hand. For me, each book requires its own special cocktail to match it. For Lion, I chose the gimlet. The mix of gin with tangy lime, and a sugar and salt mixed rim made a perfect match for the sweet and sour mood throughout the book.

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