*Promo with excerpt* Revelation: The Todor Trilogy #1 by Jenna Newell Hiott

RevelationTitle: Revelation: The Todor Trilogy, Book One

Author: Jenna Newell Hiott

Genre: Fantasy

Book Synopsis:

Do you love fantasy adventures? Let Revelation take you on a magical journey that will leave you questioning your own reality.

>>>”Careful, this book is addictive.”

In a land where magic was created through the spilling of blood, turmoil is looming. Grief and despair flood the land of Todor, and its creators–the omniscient Deis–consider destroying it altogether. That is, until a single spot of joy attracts their attention: the idyllic village of Aerie. Believing in the hope found there, the Deis give Todor one more chance. They place three infants within this village who are unknowingly tasked with ending Todor’s suffering and saving all creation.

˃˃˃ “You will fall in love with these characters!”

As the three chosen ones grow, they discover that their beloved village is a haven of secrets, and nothing is as they believe. Can Gemynd, Soman, and Numa move beyond the secrets of Aerie in order to learn the truth about themselves and the world they thought they knew? With impending war, passionate love, and the heartbreak of separation facing them at every turn, will they do what is required to save Creation?

˃˃˃ “Newell Hiott’s gripping style of writing completely immerses the reader in the story.”

An imaginative fantasy debut from Jenna Newell Hiott, Revelation combines intrigue, passion, and magic to create a mythic tale like no other. The first book in the epic Todor trilogy, Revelation introduces readers to a unique fantasy realm, intelligent and layered with hidden truths, it will stay with you long after you’ve read the last page.

Author Bio:

JennaAuthor, healer, all-around kook, Jenna Newell Hiott boasts of having a limitless imagination, unless it’s nap time. While many of us had an imaginary friend as children, Jenna had an entire imaginary family—complete with a second set of parents and three siblings—all of whom lived in a make-believe world of Jenna’s own creation. One could say she’s been writing fantasy fiction since she was old enough to use words. And she never outgrew it. Out of this hyperactive imagination, Jenna created the land of Todor: a world of magic, intrigue, and power plays.








“One of the most important laws of Todor that we must follow has to do with the building we’re sitting in right now. Do any of you know why this is called the Wishing Hut?” 

Numa shook her head and saw that Soman and Gemynd shook theirs as well. Gemynd glanced at her and the look in his eyes seemed to say ‘now we’re going to find out the real secrets of Aerie.’ 

“The legend says that many thousands of years ago the ancients came to this very spot because they believed it had the power to grant wishes. Of course, there was no hut on the land then. There was no Aerie either. Just the Baldaquin tree, the waterfall and that piece of rock sticking out of the ground,” Keeper Clary said, pointing at the ground in the back of the room. 

Numa looked and saw that underneath the lowest shelf on the furthest wall was a jagged piece of clear rock. It looked like a large, colorless jewel. And it was plain to see that this was only the very top of the rock. The rest of it was buried beneath the ground. 

“I never noticed that before,” Soman said. 

“Me neither!” Gemynd agreed as he ran across the room to inspect it.

“The ancients believed that rock had very special powers,” Keeper Clary said. 

“What kind of powers?” Gemynd said. 

“The power to grant wishes. They would come from all over Todor to perform the wishing ritual wherein they would spill their blood upon the rock as they wished for their greatest desires.” 

“You mean there’s ancient blood on it?” Soman asked and got up to join Gemynd at the rock. 

Keeper Stout chuckled. “Most likely the blood was worn off long ago,” he said. “Now, please join us back over here. Elder Keeper has more to explain.” 

“What did the ancients wish for?” Gemynd asked as he sat back down. 

“Such a smart boy,” Keeper Clary remarked. “You ask just the right questions.” 

Numa gave Gemynd a smile, feeling proud to know the boy who impressed the Elder Keeper. “He always asks all the questions,” she said. 

“To answer this one, I am certain the ancients wished for many things. But there were four in particular that are important to us today. One of them came to the rock and wished for a simple life filled with Peace and Joy. Another came and wished for great physical strength while the third wished for superior intelligence. The fourth wished to be able to have control over all of nature itself. And do you know what happened?” Keeper Clary asked and Numa found herself utterly mesmerized. She’d never heard a tale such as this one. “Their wishes all came true.” 

Gemynd jumped to his feet again. “I’m going to wish that my father was still here,” he announced and ran back to the rock. 

 “Gemynd, stay here, please,” Keeper Stout scolded. 

Numa didn’t want to get scolded, but she secretly began thinking about what she would wish for as soon as she got the chance.  

“The powers of the rock were all used up that day and it no longer grants wishes,” Keeper Clary said and Numa felt her shoulders sag with disappointment. “But the remarkable thing that happened was that those ancients created new races of people. The people who wished for a simple life and those who wished for special powers. And these races divided Todor into regions.” 

Numa scrunched up her face and looked to Gemynd to help her make sense of what Keeper Clary was saying. But Gemynd just shrugged and looked as confused as Numa. 

“The region of Todor that Aerie is in is called the region of Terrenes,” Keeper Clary continued. “Terrenes are ordinary people-the people who wished for a simple life, just like the people you know in Aerie. But outside of the region of Terrenes live people who have special abilities; abilities that go beyond what a normal person can do. These powers are called glinting. As you grow, it is possible that one or more of you will begin to glint. If this happens, do not be afraid. It is a marvelous thing to be a glinter, or so I am told. If you discover this about yourself, simply come to Keeper Stout and tell him about it. You will then be sent to a special school where you will be trained on how to use your powers. And here is the most important thing to remember: it is against the law of Todor for glinters to live in the region of Terrenes, which includes Aerie. So, if you find that you are a glinter, you may choose to return to Aerie after your training only if you vow to never use your glinting powers. Anyone who glints in Aerie is banished. Now, surely you must have some questions.” 

Numa stared wide-eyed at the Keeper and noticed that her mouth had fallen open.    

“Are you a glinter, Keeper Clary?” she heard Gemynd ask, though it sounded far away. 

“I am a member of Aerie,” he replied simply. 

“Are any of the other people I know really glinters?” Gemynd asked. 

“All the people you know are members of Aerie and there is no glinting allowed here,” came the reply. 

Numa felt dizzy and was only vaguely aware of being ushered from the Wishing Hut to the Meeting Yard to join the feast. She felt disoriented and confused as she was seated between her friends at the head table. Platters of food were placed on the table and there was a swirling of colors before her as dancers glided and spun to music that seemed to be coming from the sky itself. All the things she had learned that day buzzed through her mind. The mine tunnel. The Laws of Todor. Glinting. It was all too much to take in. She looked around, trying desperately to find a familiar face to focus on, but it felt as though she was seeing it all for the very first time. 

“Glinting,” Soman murmured next to her. “I guess there really was a big secret we didn’t know.” 

Numa looked to Gemynd to make sense of it all. For seven years she had counted on him to be the voice of reason, to figure everything out for her. But now she saw only a far off gaze in his eyes. 

“Nothing is what it seems,” he whispered.

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6 thoughts on “*Promo with excerpt* Revelation: The Todor Trilogy #1 by Jenna Newell Hiott

  1. This is gorgeous! Thank you, Caroline!

  2. Tori Hicks says:

    I was enthralled by Jenna’s book! It took me on many unexpected twists and turns, to delightful places and introduced me to characters I fell in love with. A cross between “Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe” and “Lord of the Rings” , Revelation: the Todor Trilogy was a wonderful fantasy. I can’t wait for book 2!!

  3. Jesse says:

    Sweet write up! Can’t wait for the second book!

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