Ghoulish Gwyneth is the winning name!

Latest knitted character 1After receiving many fantastic name suggestions for our latest knitted character, created by Carol Davies, GHOULISH GWYNETH suggested by Holly Jerman was chosen. Congratulations on suggesting such a fab name.

I would also like to thank all of you guys that responded with names and to let you know that as there were so many great names we will be keeping them in mind for future characters. We will of course contact those of you whose suggestions we pick.

Happy reading 🙂

Caroline @ A Reader’s Review Blog

Only 3 days left to Name our Knitted Character!!!!

405731_10151425124479640_234143526_n[2]We are still looking for a name for our latest knitted character! We have the following names so far: Demonella, Zorra, Rhona, Diva Lady, Cherry, Rose, Rhonda Rock Chick, Davina McDoll, Fiendish Finuala, Fionnuala and Satanic Sacha!

If you have a name suggestion please make a comment below, post it on our Facebook page at or even pick a name from above that you particularly like. We will take all suggestions into consideration. Ultimately, it will be up to Carol Davies, the maker of our knitted characters, to choose a name.  You have until Thursday 28th February 2013 to let us know!

If you do like a name from the list above and it proves quite popular then it may be that that will be the chosen name! Thanks guys and good luck 🙂 Caroline x

To view our full post with extra pics please click on this link:-

Name our latest knitted character

Latest knitted character 1Welcome to our latest addition to our knitted character collection. Knitted by Carol Davies, a follower of a Reader’s Review Blog and a close friend. You may remember our first knitted monster character, Rob Zombie. You can find him at the link below:-

560224_10151425123914640_363434232_n[1]Unfortunately, our latest addition does not have a name yet! Therefore, we would like some name suggestions please!! All suggestions will be noted and Carol will then pick her favourite name at the end of the month.


Put your thinking caps on guys and gals and who knows – our gothic doll may soon have your chosen name. All suggestions need to be made by Thursday 28th February 2013.

To make a suggestion all you have to do is leave a comment below or visit and ‘Like’ our Facebook page at and leave a post with your suggestion. We will look forward to hearing from you guys!

Thanks to Carol for the time and effort she has put into these great characters. And good luck guys! Caroline x

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