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The dark, psychological, modern day fairy tale and horror ‘Demonica’ by Will Davis  is released today by Hashtag Books!

Already a renowned author, Will Davis is already published by Bloomsbury and a prize winning author for his debut novel ‘My Side of The Story’.

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When spoilt eighteen year old Miranda suffers a terrible accident she survives, but her face is hideously scarred.

Unable to bear what has happened to her, she locks herself away. Her only companions are Veronica, her cruel and beautiful mother, and Nelly, the sympathetic housekeeper.

As time passes Veronica inflicts cruelty after cruelty on her disfigured daughter. Lonely and filled with despair, Miranda is astonished when Bernard, Veronica’s handsome younger boyfriend, takes an interest in her circumstances.

For Bernard believes there is an operation that can restore Miranda’s face. But it will involve committing an unspeakable crime. A decision that will haunt her for the rest of her life…

In the tradition of Angela Carter and Daphne du Maurier, Demonica is a terrifying modern fairy tale.

Caroline’s review:-

Will Davis’ Demonica has disturbed me like no other book! This sickening, twisted, dark psychological horror will certainly overhang your mind for weeks, if not months to come. It is a brilliant read for those that enjoy reading an uncertain trail of events as the storyline for the main character, Miranda, goes from bad to worse. It sure is a dark, dark read but I love the unpredictability and how stories like this feed my morbid curiosities.

The reader does not necessarily like or sympathise with Miranda initially as she is quite mean and cruel. She is the type of girl that uses her beauty to get what she wants and being left to her own devices she regularly finds herself in some sort of mischief. However, the reader is aware of the lack of attention paid to her by her parents and can begin to understand why Miranda is the way she is.

Will Davis wastes no time in reaching the beginning of the terror with the accident that is to change Miranda’s life forever. The description and account of the accident is a very powerful, dramatic and horrifying piece of writing which is a little bit too real at times, as well as being surreal. I think this is what makes it so chilling – that it is so realistic at times!

I landed several metres away, my body twisting terribly as I hit the earth for a second time. Then the noise and light was joined by pain. Bright red was streaking out around my eyes and this time it wasn’t my hair. It was because my head was on fire. I couldn’t move to do anything about it. I couldn’t feel my legs. All I could feel was the white hot sensation of the flames.”

After the accident Miranda’s face is left severely scarred. This is extremely difficult for her to come to terms with and so she locks herself away at home. She not only has to deal with her physical and mental scars of the accident, but she has to suffer emotional abuse from her mother, Veronica, leaving her more than completely ruined. The reader is appalled at Veronica’s reaction to her daughter. Veronica truly is cruel, making her own daughter call her Veronica and indulging in beauty treatments and men right before Miranda’s eyes.

Hatred is probably the feeling the reader has for Veronica. Just like the feelings a little girl has for all of those step-mothers of princesses in traditional fairytales. Within the actual story, Demonica has been likened to Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella. We’ve all come to learn the traditional fairytales where the role of the step-mother is to be jealous of their step-daughters and cause or plan to harm them. However, in this instance it is Miranda’s birth mother – which makes it even more bewildering for the reader to believe and this creates very dark, passionate feelings of hate towards Veronica. The reader feels Miranda’s pain and can easily sympathise with her at this point.

Miranda received her care and attention from their housekeeper, Nelly. I absolutely adored the character, Nelly. Nelly saw sense and was aware of the relationship that Miranda had with Veronica. Nelly, although always kind and caring, was also very matter-of-fact, and tried to encourage Miranda to make the most of what she had. Nelly was always very accepting of Miranda and made everything sound so practical. These moments lightened the mood a little and the reader is grateful for Nelly’s input as she is someone who sees sense and can hopefully give Miranda a nudge in the right direction.

However, to make matters worse still, Miranda begins to fall for one of Veronica’s male friends, Bernard. Apart from Nelly, he is the only one to take notice of her and not be horrified of her looks but accept her for who she is. Bernard provides hope for Miranda that one day she will look beautiful again with the help of a surgeon he is familiar with. To go ahead would mean that Miranda would have to carry out a twisted, immoral crime for her own selfish reasons. But will it work out? Will it be worth it?

Demonica surely provides the reader with many emotions, which are constantly changing from one extreme to another. Morals are certainly questioned and I found myself trying to empathise with Miranda’s situation. However, I’m sure many readers would agree that Miranda made a sickening choice, despite what she had been through prior to her decision, to go along with Bernard’s hint of a suggestion. This selfish decision surely did haunt Miranda forever and readers will question Miranda’s integrity!

I found it fascinating that there was not a true hero/heroine in Demonica. Nelly would be my heroine of the whole story even though she is more of a supporting character. I think, for me, that this is what makes Demonica quite realistic as many of the characters are flawed, just as many people are. It is not the fact that there are good and bad but the fact that we are all both. Only in Demonica, the bad is really bad, downright cruel and completely unforgiveable. As a reader, you’re mind will be scarred after experiencing Demonica. Be warned!

An Advanced Reader’s Copy was provided by Tim O’Rourke of Hashtag Books for the purpose of an honest and fair review.

Will Davis’ Demonica is now available on Amazon UK and Amazon US. For more information please check out Hashtag Books.


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Reviewed by Caroline Barker

On the Lips of Children by Mark Matthews (with author bio and author post link)

on-the-lips-of-children_1On the Lips of Children by Mark Matthews is absolutely terrifying and chilling to the bone, quite literally within the first few pages of the prologue. Certainly not for the younger reader, On the Lips of Children is an over 18yrs read due to the horror and gore, not to mention the emotional scar it leaves behind. This is definitely a must-read for all horror fans that like a book to leave a profound impact on them.

Macon is a tattoo artist and an avid marathon runner. These two interests of his are his life along with his partner, Erin, and their six year old daughter, Lyric. Erin and Macon have had their fair share of dark ordeals before they met, however nothing could have prepared them for the terrifying horror that they were about to encounter.

After arriving in San Diego to run a marathon in two days time, Macon and his family check into their hotel. When Macon goes out for a pre-dawn training run in preparation for the marathon the following day, he runs along a trail that takes him across a baseball field, and further down into the dark depths of underpasses and bridges, with the highway above and the trail goes on until it reaches the beach.

Along the route, Macon disturbs a homeless camp under a dark bridge, by running into a metal trolley that he couldn’t see in front of him. He tries to apologise but there are definitely some strange vibes coming from these homeless guys. Macon runs on with the thought that there was nothing more that he could do when he notices he’s being followed. Although mostly keeping their distance they do keep him within sight.

Meanwhile, Erin has an awkward moment of her own when it feels that Mex, the hotel clerk, is lingering outside their hotel door, after Lyric escaped to buy a Pop Tart from the machine outside. Erin then takes Lyric out in the stroller to look for Macon along the trail……

……Along the dark, remote trail at dawn, underneath the buzzing highway Erin and Lyric are kidnapped by a family of scavenging humans, dwelling in an old caved-in drug-smuggling tunnel that runs from San Diego, USA to Tijuana, Mexico. These dirty, animalistic scavengers have spent years surviving off the blood and flesh of humans. Although, completely oblivious to all what has happened as he was on the beach at the time, Macon runs back along the trail to the hotel only to be informed by Mex of where Erin and his daughter have gone. Macon returns to the trail in the hunt for his family. Now it’s time for Macon and his family!!!

The prologue itself is torturously horrifying as the mention of eating human flesh is written so early on. Mark Matthews’ writing is so clear, the reader doesn’t miss a thing – even though they may wish they had at times. But the setting is absolutely brilliant, with the time of day, the contrast from the busy, noisy highway to this dark, narrow, remote trail, the homeless guys that are not even visible in the dark of the bridges and lastly, the tunnels and those that live inside.

Whilst reading that Erin and Lyric are being kidnapped I felt cold all over and noticed how tense I was. I could completely connect to this chilling story as my own partner runs marathons and I have a young daughter that uses a stroller, just as Lyric was in hers when she was caught. The experience of reading On the Lips of Children for me has been quite personal and felt quite realistic to the point that, without wanting to, I pictured my own family going through this traumatic ordeal. As a partner, mother and a reader, I had to continue no matter how chilling it was as I simply had to know the outcome.

There are also moments in the book that are quite upsetting as during Lyric’s capture Mark Matthews takes you through what she is seeing and feeling. She questions her safety. Where is her Mommy? This doesn’t feel right but she doesn’t want to scream, instead finding herself holding her breath with just a McDonalds toy of Buzz Lightyear in her pocket that she clings onto. She doesn’t want to pull her toy out of her pocket in case these other children take it from her. (My little one loves her little Smurf toys that came from McDonalds – and it’s these little pieces of information that defines what a ‘normal’ family they are. The reader just places themselves in this family’s shoes and the story completely tears through your mind and insides, just as the scavengers tear the flesh from humans.)

All of the characters were written absolutely brilliantly, and Macon and Erin do have well-written, dark histories that the reader comes to discover. I won’t reveal any more but wanted to give it a mention as the plot of this book is so much more than the main capture of Macon’s family. The reader does feel a little torn (if you excuse the pun!) when reading about the scavenging children as they are so young themselves and from a mother’s point of view, you will do absolutely anything necessary to keep your babies alive!

My favourite character was Mex, the hotel clerk, simply because of the way in which Mark Matthews has written him. He made me feel uncomfortable. Can he be trusted? He suggested the route that Macon should run. I thought he was the evil behind this somehow. Yet he alarmed Macon to his missing family as he told him when they’d left and where he thought they were going. But he was outside the hotel door with Lyric and seemingly awkward? He was aware of something surely? Did he tell Macon where his family was in order for him to get captured too? I had so many questions surrounding this one character.

On the Lips of Children is absolutely horrifying, and at times upsetting. It is very quick-paced, just the right length and it does wrap up at the end, leaving no questions unanswered.  It is a novel that will give you the heebie jeebies so if you are looking for a good scare this book is certainly up your street. A marathon like no other!!!

A Reader’s Review Blog received a copy of On the Lips of Children from the author, Mark Matthews, in return for a fair and honest review. We would like to thank Mark Matthews for the copy of his work.

The paperback copy of On the Lips of Children will be released soon this month. If you would like to check it out on or just click on the relevant one where it will take you direct to the Kindle edition.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker


Mark Matthews is a writer and therapist from Detroit and is the author of 3 novels. On the Lips of Children is his latest piece of dark fiction and has just been released from Books of the Dead Press. His first novel, STRAY, is based on his experiences working at a substance abuse treatment center. He is an avid runner, and has two running based works including The Jade Rabbit and Chasing the Dragon: Running to Get High. He has been in recovery from addiction for over 20 years. Follow his blog at Running, Writing, and Chasing the Dragon at

and/or follow Mark on Twitter at @matthews_mark

Author post

Here is a very cool blog post about the background of the novel on how it is based partly on the children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are” called ‘The Night Max Wore His Wolf Suit’