**REVIEW** After Wimbledon by Jennifer Gilby Roberts

After-Wimbledon_Cover_SmallAfter Wimbledon is a light, refreshing romance mixed with a dash of quirky and fun instances. Lucy Bennett’s career and love life could be falling down around her or she could be starting a new life with the man of her dreams. She has the whole duration of the Tennis World Championships to find out how she really feels towards her tennis career and her current boyfriend. But how will it all end?

The story follows British tennis player, Lucy Bennett, as she considers this year to be her last professional year at Wimbledon. She feels that she has reached as far as she can at the age of 28. She begins thinking of her future and longs to settle down and have a family of her own. The only problem Lucy faces is that her current boyfriend, American tennis ace Joe Harker, doesn’t share her desires but preferring to stay in the game. Oh, and her parents (especially her mother) feels that she will be throwing her career away far too early and her mum possibly longs to relive her own tennis dreams through her daughter!

I’m sure many of us have felt the need to go down our own path, even when against our parents’ wishes. At this point you tend to question whether what you are doing is right or wrong and at times there is a lingering pang of guilt. But you must do what feels right for you and this is exactly where Lucy is at.

As After Wimbledon focuses mostly on Lucy, the reader can understand her actions and empathise with her emotions, thus making Lucy a realistic and likeable character. Lucy is like any of us with her indecisiveness and at times she does ‘put her foot in it’ and has the potential to cause a scene. However, she also has guts and after much deliberation at times she does begin to stand up to those around her. Needless to say that I do love Lucy’s character!

To mash Lucy’s thoughts around even more are the unexpected encounters she has with Joe’s tennis rival, New Zealander Sam Pennington. Sam is the No. 1 and hopes to win it for England this time round. Lucy has always had a crush on him and admired him from afar and so when she meets him by chance at her parents’ tennis club they begin talking and Lucy lets slip some of her thoughts. Sam is patient, caring and honourable as well as being a great listener. After accidentally meeting up with Sam a number of times it becomes clear that these two certainly have chemistry, but then Lucy also has Joe!

Joe had initially dismissed Lucy’s idea of settling down, not really believing it. As time goes on he realises she meant it and his attitude towards her becomes increasingly arrogant and threatening, especially when he sees her support for Sam – with Sam playing for Britain and all, as well as a closeness between Lucy and Sam is reported in the media. Is Joe’s reaction an insight into his true nature or is he jealous and hopes to keep Lucy for himself?!

There is a great build up of momentum and suspense during both Lucy’s love life and action on the courts. Not being a huge tennis follower I was surprised how Roberts had written the on court scenes in a manner that was so easy to follow and gave the reader the chance to feel the excitement and tension. There were also intimate moments that were quite descriptive, making it feel more real, although towards the end I found myself wanting more deeper scenes like there previously had been.

With action on the courts, two boyfriends to choose from, pressure from the media, helping her parents sort out their lives and finally deciding whether or not to stay in professional tennis Lucy really has her mind buzzing! But which way will she finally go? With many more years still left she could make the most of her career before retiring from tennis! And is it worth losing the man she’s had for years to settle with someone new when it may not work out? She would surely be alone then. And so After Wimbledon explores Lucy’s options and maybe you can decide whether or not she chooses the right one!!

A copy of After Wimbledon was provided by the author in return for an honest and fair review.

To read an author post (with links to the author) and an extract from After Wimbledon please click here. (Please take note that the giveaway mentioned is now closed.)

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Reviewed by Caroline Barker

After Wimbledon by Jennifer Gilby Roberts – Author Post, book blurb & GIVEAWAY!!!

Jennifer Gilby Roberts Introduces After Wimbledon

After Wimbledon Author Pic Jennifer Gilby RobertsHi everyone!

I’m Jennifer Gilby Roberts and I’m the author of After Wimbledon.  Unlike my first novel (The Dr Pepper Prophecies), which I wrote mostly to prove to myself I could do it, writing After Wimbledon was about working through my feelings after I’d been agonizing with a decision.  Add to that my obsession-of-the-moment – tennis – and I created this.  Don’t worry, I cut out most of the angsting!

My main character, Lucy, is a tennis pro trying to decide whether to retire, break up with her boyfriend and pursue the man she’s admired from afar for years.  All while playing in the Wimbledon Championships – the tournament she’s always dreamed of winning and never has.  Could it be this year?  And what will she decide?  You’ll have to read it to find out!


PS: I’ve added an extract below and details of a giveaway I’m running where you can win a copy!


Sneaking into the hotel as best I can, I’m relieved that no one seems to be paying attention to me.  Apparently, someone more famous has done something appalling.  I must try to find out whom and thank them.


I jump, but relax when I see it’s Libby.

‘I’m so glad I finally caught up with you,’ she says.  She’s wearing a T-shirt with a picture of a monkey holding a snapped pencil on it.  Underneath the picture it says ‘Write No Evil.’

‘I couldn’t believe it when I read that article,’ she continues.  ‘I just wanted to make sure you knew that I had nothing to do with it.’

I turn my back to the lobby.  ‘I never thought you did.’

‘Oh, good.  I was worried because of that chat in the bar.  Remember, with Adrienne?  I thought you might think… well, never mind.  That man’s a sleazebag, don’t worry about him.’

I discreetly look around.  ‘Are there still journalists hanging around?’

Libby pulls a face.  ‘Yes, but you’re not the one they’re chasing today.’


Libby rummages in her shoulder bag and produces a magazine.  ‘You think you’ve got problems.’

The first thing I notice is a picture of Sam.  That’s enough to get my attention.  But there’s a second photo.  Of his ex Julia… holding a baby.  A baby about a year old, with blond hair and blue eyes who looks… exactly like Sam.

I go numb.


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