*Book Blitz* Fated Soul (The Hourglass Chronicles #1) by N.R. Wick

fatedSoulCover700Title: Fated Soul (The Hourglass Chronicles #1)

Author: N.R. Wicks

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Release date: August 1st, 2015

Released by: Alchemy Ink Publishing LLC

Length: 164 pages

Blurb: Adelaide has the power to save Trent from death, but messing with fate has dangerous consequences.

As an Exanimus, Adelaide’s job is to take care of the sands of fate and collect souls immediately after death. She loves her work but misses being a living, breathing teenaged girl. Yet the Exanimus Code restricts her from having individuality and empathizing with the souls she collects. When a mysterious, glowing hourglass appears in her possession, Adelaide can’t help but investigate the anomaly: a surfer named Trent.

Observing Trent in the days leading up to his death makes it impossible to watch him die. So Adelaide does the unthinkable and flips his hourglass, extending his life. In doing so, she brings a terrible imbalance to the world and becomes a key player in a covert revolution. When forced into hiding, she meets Trent and begins to fall for him, which makes it hard to choose between keeping him alive or repairing the damage she has caused. Will she choose what’s best for the greater good or lose love forever?

Author Bio

nrWickIn 2010, N.R. Wick decided to trade her demanding graphic design job in California for a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. Always a lover of the written word, N.R. Wick pursued her childhood love of writing and self-published her first short story in 2011. From there, she moved to the Kansas City area to begin her second love: teaching. She became an adjunct faculty member at several schools for higher learning, and taught online and in a blended classroom setting while continuing to grow her publishing business. N.R. Wick is also a member of the Short Fiction Writer’s Guild and the International Screenwriters’ Association.

Most known for her young adult dystopian novel, Land of No Angels, N.R. Wick is not afraid to write about the dark and disturbing side of life while using supernatural and paranormal elements as vessels for these topics. Even though she primarily writes for teens and young adults, N.R. Wick also dabbles in helpful non-fiction.

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