Dark Reaper, #9 in the WesternWind series, by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

17225903Super Dark Fantasy Romance featuring Badass Werewolf Cowboys!

Erotic Paranormal Romance – Graphic Sexual content/language 18+/Adult Read

When I was contacted by Charlotte Boyett-Compo to review some of her recent releases I was thrilled big time, having previously enjoyed some of her dark fantasy romances. This author is the creator of the Reapers, handsome and deadly Alpha shape shifters, whose bloodlust can only be controlled by withholding or providing sustenance, and who can only be tamed and saved from themselves by the female destined to be their mate. The first of Charlotte’s novels up for review on our site is Dark Reaper, a super hot Post Apocalyptic Dark Fantasy romance, featuring a badass werewolf cowboy hero battling an entity so evil that even Hell is too good for it, whilst trying to protect the inhabitants of Terra and his Lady.

Here is the book blurb for Dark Reaper from the author’s site:

Iden Belial, the youngest Reaper, finds a great evil in Land’s End. He also finds Kallista, his mate, the woman the Goddess intends for him, and the only way he can claim her from her disapproving mother is to sate his lust and make her his.

But when they are torn apart by the Nikkeson, a demon that brings death and destruction to everything it touches, part of its wickedness is left inside him, warping the warrior and twisting him to its own evil ends. The Shadowlords of the Citadel are determined to heal him, but what Iden needs is the touch of his wife – the only one whose loving and sensual touch can truly make him whole again.

This epic tale of good versus evil is a dark and erotic one and immensely rich and original in terms of its characters and plot. There are vivid, stomach-churning scenes of death, destruction and depravity as the Nikkeson wreaks havoc on Terra. These sickening scenes contrast sharply with the erotic but sweet romance between Iden and Kallista, who are instantly in love and in lust with one another. Kallista needs no persuading to let Iden claim her against the wishes of her mother, a woman who is vehemently opposed to the match and also to Iden’s attempts to save the community.

When, due to the actions of the Nikkeson and unexpected treachery, Kallista is taken from him, Iden cannot shake off the evil that becomes a part of him and he returns to the Citadel, a broken man. His friends attempt to purge him of the evil inside him, in some tortuous scenes, and contemplate how to rid Terra of the demon. Many surprises are in store for Iden and the other characters we are introduced to and the scene is also set for the next book in the series, Sins of the Reaper.

I loved Iden, a Lupine Reaper. He is strong and selfless as he attempts to save Kallista and the people of Land’s End. His tears when he believes that he has failed in his mission are heartbreaking to witness. I found Kallista to be a worthy mate in all respects, being wise beyond her years. Although young, pure and innocent she knows exactly what she wants and what she wants is Iden! There are some explicit and erotic love making scenes which I enjoyed immensely due to their imaginative action and dialogue!

I also adored Kheelan, the High Lord, whose secondary romance plays a major part of this tale. Kheelan, who believes that he will forever remain unmated, discovers that his destined mate, Annie, is already amongst the inhabitants of the Citadel. And what a fiery, humorous and passionate match it is! Both parties are completely blindsided by their attraction, although their romance is also tinged with a degree of heartache as they have both loved and lost in the past. I found that their relationship provided a great contrast to the romance between the younger couple.

There is a great cast of supporting characters: the High Council, based at the Citadel; the Shadowlords; Gatekeepers; the High Lord and one of the Ridge Lords, to mention a few. The Goddess of War, Life and Death, Morrigunia, creator of many of the Reapers and her mate, The Father-God, Jee yn Ayr also play their part in the tale and we learn that their personalities are just as complex as those of the other characters.

I enjoyed the tale, but felt that my pleasure would have been enhanced by reading the previous books in the series, which I now am on a mission to read! I will be reviewing Sins of the Reaper, the next book in the series very soon. Dark Reaper will appeal to lovers of Dark Fantasy/Science Fiction and the paranormal who enjoy a dark, original, erotic and romantic read.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

A copy of this novel was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Publisher Ellora’s Cave http://www.ellorascave.com/dark-reaper.html

Edited by Rebecca Hill

Cover design by Syneca

About the Author

Charlotte Boyett-Compo is the author of over 80 books. She writes novels that encompass science-fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural, Romantica, Horror, Mystery, Thriler and Post –Apocalyptic Western novels. She is the creator of the Reaper, handome and deadly Alpha male shapeshifters with tortured souls that can only be tamed by the female destined to be their mate.



Tsunami Blue (The Tsunami Blue Series) by Gayle Ann Williams

 Tsunami Blue

An Original Vision of the Future

Tsunami Blue, a post apocalyptic paranormal romance, is set in the year 2023, when most of the Earth, following a series of cataclysmic tsunamis, becomes covered by water with small isolated island communities. Modern technology and conveniences have all but disappeared under the waves, which continue to plague the world.

We meet Blue, the 24 year old heroine, who has lived alone on an island with her dog since her uncle was murdered by Runners, violent pirates who rule the waves. Blue is special – she ‘listens’ to the sea and can predict where and when the next big waves will hit. She transmits this information over the radio. Blue chooses to remain alone due to this ability, knowing how valuable she would be to the Runners if they captured her and her gift used by them to extort valuable goods and punish and terrorise communities.

Blue’s peaceful existence is shattered one day when a man washes up on the beach, half dead. Blue rescues him and saves his life, learning that his name is Gabriel Black. She is kidnapped by him the next day and forced to flee her island and her home, as it is overrun with Runners looking for her and trying to take her away from Gabriel. She is left wondering what Gabriel wants with her and what her fate will be. Suspicious that he too is a Runner, she tries to prevent the growth of their mutual attraction and resolves to escape him.

The story is narrated in the first person. This is effective in that whilst we are privy to Blue’s personal feelings and motivations we too are uncertain of Gabriel’s true intent and this both heightens and prolongs the suspense, which added to my enjoyment of the novel. In fact I could not put it down until I had finished it! I liked the author’s writing style, which was sharp and descriptive enough to paint a vivid picture of the post –apocalyptic world, without getting bogged down in detail. I imagined the world to have elements of ‘Mad Max’, ‘Waterworld’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’ The dialogue between all of the characters was witty and entertaining, particularly the repartee between Blue and Gabriel.

Blue is a strong heroine with an interesting past. She prefers her life of solitude as it gives her the freedom to broadcast what she knows about the next big wave in the hope of saving others. Life has taught her valuable survival and combat skills and she has plenty of chances to put these to use in the book – she does not just use her knives to filet fish! She is devoted to her dog Max and is loyal not only to Gabriel, even when she is suspicious of him, but can also be relied on by other characters, who the author introduces us to. She despises Runners and suspects that Gabriel, the man she is overwhelmingly attracted to, is one, thus creating a great deal of tension, not least sexual, throughout the book.

Gabriel, is all male and Blue is instantly attracted to him. I wondered what he wanted from Blue and whether he could be trusted not to hand her over to one of the groups of Runners who were pursuing her, particularly as he appears to be a Runner himself. He is clearly attracted to Blue and has a compassionate side, which he exhibits from the start, not just in relation to how he treats Blue, but others. He also has a wicked sense of humour and is a skilled fighter.

The other main characters include Trace and Indigo, the leaders of the two opposing factions of Runners who are eager to capture Blue and use her for their own nefarious ends. Both characters were twisted and evil and there are descriptions of many violent scenes within the book, in a society where only the strong survive and it does not pay to exhibit a weakness. The violence highlights how social order has collapsed since the apocalypse. The author did well to also imbue the sea with feelings, to the extent that it becomes a character in its own right, its actions adding to the twists and turns in the plot.

The romance between Blue and Gabriel was both sweet and hot, but not graphic and it provided an excellent counterpoint to the violence going on around them and the fear of where and when the next big wave would come. The paranormal elements of Blue’s communication with the sea were well done and there is a nice twist at the end, which I did not see coming.

I would recommend this book to lovers of post apocalyptic tales, particularly those who enjoy romance with the story. I believe that the style of the book and the witty dialogue, along with violence and ‘kick ass’ hero and heroine, would also appeal to lovers of urban fantasy. I was totally absorbed in the book and will be reading the next in the series.

Reviewed by Tina Williams