**BLOG TOUR & REVIEW** ~ Pose for a Billionaire, by Lucee Lovett

 Contemporary Erotic Romance/Billionaire Romance

18+/Adult Read



Lucee Lovett, is a mother of four—five if you include her husband. She grew up in a pretty rough neighbourhood in London. She been told she has a smoky, sexy laugh and voice. If you heard it, you’d want to read her stories.

She has always been a storyteller. Her stories would captivate the hearts and minds of willing listeners, both young and old alike. Her love for romance was born from sneaking off to read her mother’s Mills and Boon books. It led her to make stories short enough for busy people who don’t have time for a lengthy romance fix, and want their romantic fantasies in short satisfying doses.

Although her desire was to write and share what she was writing, Lucee put off this desire due to her learning disability. Then 50 Shades was released… Make of that what you will…

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She has an equal love for the paranormal and is a diehard Steven King fan. Lucee has no trouble meshing the two genres. Although to date most of her stories have an urban, coming of age, contemporary feel to them. She has a number of paranormal WIP’s on the back burner.

She loves animals and has both a dog named Blue and cat called Naila.


Mia, a twenty-two year old high school dropout is left to raise her eight-year-old brother. She has no job, no money and very few options.

Forced to use the only asset she has—she poses nude for enigmatic, enticing, billionaire, Roman Evans. Roman makes no secret that he’s attracted to Mia. He eventually persuades her to go out with him.


The morning after their date, Mia is threatened by the landlord’s son with eviction. Either she pays her rent in full or gets out. Witnessing the exchange, Roman offers to help. In a stand for independence, Mia rudely refuses his offer.

Later she accepts a shady proposition from her ex-boyfriend Farrell. A course of action she regrets, but she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.

In an attempt to forget her troubles, she goes on a dream date with Roman. Only to return to a ransacked apartment, threats and insults from Farrell.

Just when she thinks things couldn’t get any worst—they do.


She now has to pray the man whose aid she’d so coldly refused, cares enough to come to her rescue.



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My Review *****

Romantic and Suspenseful – Adult/18+ Read

The three books which comprise the Pose for the Billionaire series, where the down on her luck Mia meets billionaire Roman, are a truly romantic and sexy read. The unfolding story is also laced with plenty of angst and suspense. I found the writing and plot fresh and believable and I quickly fell in love with the hero and heroine.

When Billionaire Roman seeks out a muse to satisfy his passion for painting he gets a LOT more than he bargains for in Mia, a young woman whose strength and vulnerability call to his heart, not just his paintbrush! Life has dealt Mia a series of bad hands and she struggles to be both the mother figure and the provider to her younger brother Carlos. She is grateful for the chance to earn some badly needed cash and is drawn to Roman’s intensity and kindness as he puts her at ease. She tries to fight their growing mutual attraction to avoid what she thinks will be the inevitable disappointment. However, Roman is a man who has made up his mind to woo Mia and, although he does not force himself on her, he is very persuasive in series of hot and romantic scenes!

However, when a crisis rears its ugly head, Mia makes a decision which threatens to have catastrophic repercussions. How will Mia extricate herself from the seemingly impossible situation she has put herself in? If she does will Roman forgive her? I will not reveal what transpires but I will say that this read is filled with sweet loving, hot lovemaking, plenty of angst, surprise and suspense.

I really liked how the author portrays the growing attraction and the relationship between Mia and Roman. There are some sizzling scenes as Roman is one helluva guy and I felt that Mia definitely deserved his special brand of loving. I enjoyed the contrast between their lives and I particularly liked how the author revealed their back stories, which were pivotal to the plot. Whilst Roman is most definitely the good guy there is a lot more to him than meets the eye. The character of Carlos, Mia’s brother is also well written and believable as are the villains of the piece. All in all a great read. I would definitely read more from this author and recommend this series to lovers of contemporary and erotic romance.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

The books comprising this series were given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Luscious and Lethal (The Gilded River Chronicles), by Mary Raimes Curtis

lusciouslethal200x300[1]-001Luscious and Lethal is the first in a The Gilded River Chronicles by Mary Raimes Curtis. It is a great book to curl up with and contains a lively romance between two complex individuals, set against the ever present threat of sinister events on the shores of the Atlantic. This novel is the second I have read by the author, the first being Tamed by the Hawk, a historical novel, which I also enjoyed.

In Luscious and Lethal plus size supermodel Dani Renaldo has taken refuge in her rural property at Jancy’s Cove, after the fallout from her bitter and public divorce from her abusive and cheating ex husband and the loss of her unborn baby. She hopes to regain her emotional strength and also develop a new business venture with her friend Jay, which she hopes will help compensate for her financial losses after her divorce and give her a new focus.

It is not long before Dani meets Simon Morse, in an angry and emotionally charged confrontation, in which they trade insults. Not only is Simon, her neighbour, somewhat reclusive, but he is also the business partner of a local woman, Laura, who Dani wants to do business with. Despite their bad start, they strike up a friendship and Dani tentatively opens up to him about her abusive marriage and her past. There is strong mutual attraction and they embark on a sexual relationship. Whilst Dani is sensitive and finds it hard to trust, Simon fights his own demons due to events in his own past and finds it hard to commit. There is great banter between the two of them as they navigate their way through a physical and emotional entanglement that neither expected nor know what to do with!

Dani ploughs ahead with her new business venture. However, her peace and tranquillity are periodically shattered by phone calls from her greedy and sadistic ex husband, who demands yet more money and will sink to even greater depths to secure it. There is also someone prowling around her property and a mysterious boat comes in and out of the cove at night. Events become more and more sinister as the plot unravels.

This novel has an engaging romance at is heart and the author’s characterisations of the main couple, Dani and Simon are excellent. Both the hero and heroine have their own issues to come to terms with and I liked how they helped each other to do this. It was sometimes a rocky road for them and sparks flew on more than one occasion. Neither of them is perfect, Dani appears to blow hot and cold and Simon is sometimes a little thoughtless in what he says. But perfect characters would make for a very boring read! It is their road to redemption and future happiness we are interested in and it was heart warming to see how their relationship solidified throughout the novel. There were also plenty of intimate moments shared between the main couple, which I like to see in my romances! A secondary romance featuring Laura and Jay, who are interesting characters in themselves is also featured. The local community contains a wealth of colourful supporting characters, which I hope to see later on in this series.

The suspense element was ever present and well paced. Due to Dani’s ex husband, the prowler and the goings on at night in the cove with the boat, as a reader I was never sure where the next threat would come from. Danger was always lurking in the background before coming to the fore. I would have liked to see a little more emphasis on the role of Dani’s ex husband in the plot, but saying this there was plenty to engage the reader without this element being strengthened further. I was also pleased that the suspense did not overshadow the romance.

I liked the author’s descriptions of the natural environment, encompassing the sea, the shoreline and the tranquillity of the green interior. The author also refers, through the characters, to the healing powers of nature and small town communities. I was awed by the descriptions of the yummy dishes consumed by the characters and wish that I had a man in my life who could cook as well as Jay or Simon! Knitting and cats, as well as a very special dog also make appearances in the tale.

I recommend this book to lovers of romantic suspense, contemporary romance and chick lit.

Author’s website www.maryraimescurtis.com

Publisher’s website www.museituppublishing.com

Cover art by kind permission of Marion Sipe www.marionsipe.blogspot.com